Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sufferings Of Wonderful Personalities


                                                                               It is wonderful stories  of wonderful personalities who achieved great success in their life and  became top most position of their field,it is not  stories but  real life experiences of them. There are many wonderful personalities have same experience suffered in their past.
                                                                               Bill gates started Microsoft before completing his university education,he was drop out from university and started Microsoft.After that his growth was like a dream.His net worth is more than hundred billion now.

                                                                                Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple suffer a lot in his childhood,he was an adopted child of a working class.His childhood days often  he collect and sold scraps for his food,only deep commitments was behind his victory. After started his business often he wandering the streets and factories for perfect products.
                                                                               Several times Tony blair hear from his teachers ' you are a failure' .But he made a remarkable history in  British politics.He was the prime minister of United Kingdom and leader of labor party .

                                                                              Great Indian actor Sharuk khan slept several times in bench and borrowed small amount from his friends to go film city. Now he is the most popular actor in Bollywood. His childhood was not colorful.
                                                                             Great Indian cricketer   Sachin Tentulkar failed in 8th class but when he was 15 year old ,he selected to the Indian cricket team and achieved several  world records .Sachin was very naughty in his child hood ,his neighbors always complaint against him to his father . Once sachin's father told him that  'i like to hear sachin is a great cricketer but it s not happier than hearing sachin is a great human being' .This words greatly influence in sachin's life .

                                                                             Legend of basketball Michael Jordan when he was studying class ten ,he removed from basketball team ,after his hard work he selected to american basket ball team and became the legend of american basket ball,his father was only a supervisor in a plant.

                                                                             Amitha bechen  the great film actor in Bollywood ,he is well known due to his  attractive sound. He failed an interview in All India Radio  because of his weak sound ,but look at his fate only his sound  was behind his victory.

                                                                            The missile man of India Dr,APJ Abdul kalam ,He was the president of India ,once he had failed in a course of pilot interview ,due to his hard work he became the great scientist,he invented the missile technology for India and became the president of India.
                                                                            Narendra Modiji the prime minister India was a tea maker in a tea shop. He emerge as a power of BJP politics and became the prime minster of India.He was also the chief minister of Gujarat state

                                                                             Tom Cruse was a never been an affectionate child , but he became an actor and  director American film industry. He had awarded several times for his great work and act. He was a  Golden Global award winner.
                                                                               Oprah Winfrey raped at the age of nine. She was born very poor family,she suffered a lot from the society. She is an actress of American film industry.She now owns her own Network cable channel.

                                                                              These great personalities suffered a lot in their early life ,they face all barriers in front of them ,that courage leads them to great victory  so face the failure with courage final success will be yours. 


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