Wednesday, August 21, 2019


                                                What is economics ? we are always hearing the word economic crises ,economic growth ,economic development etc....we know Adam smith is the father of economics ,he defined it scientifically.
                                                 But today we know 195 countries in the world ,certain countries had more wealth,certain had limited wealth,certain had no wealth.In Africa how many people dying every day without food.

                                                 How it happens  ,do you think ever? I should say it is the mismanagement in the distribution. The whole wealth of the universe handling 1% of the population .Wealth is in their hands,they are controlling the whole economy. The deciding who rules a country. Most of the third world nations democracy is in a threatening stage ,exploiting the poverty of the people.  The millionaires  become billionaire and going to the top same time the poor going to suicide. 
                                                 Who create the universe? only one answer is there God. yes God create the universe ,he create  only one earth and billions of living things including human,he only know the death and birth of a living thing.( You think just for a fun who comes first 'egg or hen')He create only one Sun,he create only one sea,he create only one moon . From this,the almighty god saying to the world the wealth not only for to handle 1 or 2%,it is for all my creations.
                                                  Can you imagine a world without boundaries,without passport,without visa,without military ,without war .Imagine  only one government for the world with 195 states. The whole wealth distribute for for the whole people,no body without food,everybody with education with home.
                                               There are many economic theories in the world capitalist ,socialist etc..
But today the world facing a dangerous issue is corruption .it is very common in under developed societies. It destroys development of a society and mostly affected the common and poor  people .
corrupted people leading the politics in many countries. The systems like constitution ,judiciary ,executive   handling by corrupted people,then  what can do the common and poor people,they never achieve the education also. Population is also responsible for the poverty and ill illiteracy.

                                               But in educated  society the people have awareness about to understand what happens in their society, corruption is comparatively  low level in such societies, people responds against the corrupted departments  .Education is the most important  thing  for the development of a society. Without education life become dark as the dark age.

                                                 In front of God there is no inequality .He says,  you are my creations ,so you equally exploit the resources  provided  for you.This is not only for mankind but  all my creations also, you keep it for the coming generations.

                                                If you pollute the environment ,you destroy the forests ,destroy the river sources ,sea ,atmosphere and all other natural resources will leads to the end of earth .

                                                 So the nature says you that do not destroy me  for your temporary life.Only the human being destroys the nature ,other living things do not destroys the nature.Think the most beautiful creation of God is human being ,unfortunately they are against the God .

                                                  The mankind the most beautiful creation of God divided the society and the wealth ,they create inequality  among mankind ,they create different religion and fighting each other for majority,but only happens what bloodshed and destruction of the mankind.

                                                   Think, the only one God he create the universe ,he controls almost all the things in the universe ,he controls the sun rise and sunset,he makes the rain and wind ,he makes the flood and earthquake.
                                                    God is a power ,the ultimate power, believe that power and dream for a single world without boundaries . Today you have everything tomorrow you don't have,today's  have nots  tomorrow achieve.


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