Monday, August 26, 2019 Babu's home dog ?

                                                             This is a brief study of  the life story of a man who had suffered
a lot in his childhood, born and brought up in a very poor family  and became the president of India .This is a different incident in the  history of India because  K R Narayanan was the first president coming from a lower caste.In India It was very difficult for lower caste people  to coming  the high post of Indian administration.

                                                              Really,Indian society is built up with the caste system.In Ancient India  even occupation is divided depends the caste  . There are four castes in India, the major caste Brahmins only doing the work related with all Hindu temples and Gods ,the second caste kshakthriyas duty was to ruling the country and doing war against the enemies,the third caste caste vyshiyas only doing business and last caste shudras  duty was to do all below level works in the society,they did not allowed to go to temple and school .The main castes were also divided in to more than three thousand castes and twenty five thousand sub -castes.

                                                               K R Narayanan's child hood was full of  poverty and starving.His parents never get proper job or proper wage.His home was not a safe shelter and was made up with coconut tree leaves .In rainy season nobody can sleep at that type of home ,and  was the symbol of poverty.
                                                               At the time of primary education he suffered a lot from school and from society ,in the name of caste often he excluded from the school, and had no proper , well wearings at that time,but he shows his brilliance in his studies .The school was very far from his home , walked many kilometers for his studies.

                                                               After completing high school education he went to kerala university  for university education .He was the first low caste student achieved first class in the history of kerala university.He achieved MA and BA from kerala university.
                                                              After passed the examination  he went to Delhi and started his career as  journalist .At that time he got a chance to study in London with the help of JRD Tata. After complete the study at London School of Economics he was back to India. He got a chance to meet Jewaharlal Nehru and it was the turning point in the life of KR Narayanan .

                                                              Nehru offered him job a in Indian foreign service and he joined in IFS service , Several countries he served India as an ambassador .,during that period he got married Usha from Bhutan. After his service as an ambassador  a short period he was the vice -chancellor  of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

                                                              After a short break he came to polities and joint Indian National Congress. He elected to the Indian parliament member three times once he served India as union cabinet minister. In 1992 he elected as the vice president and served India till 1997,after the turn he elected to the president of India in 1997 and served the nation for five years till 2002.

                                                            You are thinking why this great man's story named babu's home dog,there an interesting and heart breaking story behind it . Babu was a very close friend and his neighbor in his school times . Babu was a lovely boy and he was always affectionate to Narayanan. Babu's family was wealthy and upper caste family .Every day Narayanan goes to babu's home and play with him.  Narayanan got permission to  inside babu's  home only the absents of babu's parents.Lower cast members never allowed to enter inside the  upper castes homes at that time. Every day Narayanan seeing the food given to the home dog of Babu. It was very healthy food than Narayanan's home food . 

                                                             Once Narayanan's class teacher asked a question to the pupil,the question was 'What would be in future'? all pupil wrote there own answers.

                                Only Narayanan  wrote that heart breaking answer?
                                                 ' , Babu's home dog'


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